What operating systems is it for? Amazing Astronomy facts is used to give Astronomy information to the user daily. The facts are amazing and absolutely something that you would not think about unless you had a fact to look at.

What does it do? It sends out a daily fact about astronomy. For example a message was recently sent saying that the largest moon in the Solar System - Jupiter's Ganymede- is even bigger than planet Mercury. This ap sends alot of awesome information. It even tells the user how many golf balls are on the moon. (answer 3)

How much does it cost? It is free!! It just needs to be installed to your phone by using the play store!

Rating on the relevant app store as of date? The rating in 4 stars to 5 stars, but keep in mind when you download it that play store automatically adds one star. I give it 5 stars because I enjoy hearing fun amazing astronomy facts. Especially now that I have taken an Astronomy class because alot of the information is familiar and more interesting than it would be prior to taking the class.

Evaluate it - give it marks for - I give it an A

Ease of use- It is very easy to use because you don't have to do anything. The ap just sents you a daily message with fun facts. It appears as a message on your phone you open it and enjoy the information and you can send it to friends or post on social media.

Content accuracy- So far all of it has been accurate to my knowledge. Information that I have learned in Astronomy class has been sent to me. I have looked a few thing up and it is accurate!

Audience - beginners or expert? student or pro? This is for beginner ap users and mid-pro astronomy seekers. Due to the fact that alot of the vocabulary is based on Astronomy information you would have to have prior knowledge about Astronomy.

Would you recommend others in the class download it? Yes I recommend this ap.

General Comments - Is it worth the memory/cost/time? Yes it is defiantly worth the memory and time. It is an interesting ap