This year's project is meant to capitalize on the work of others. Your task is to review an astronomy app and tell us:

What operating systems is it for
What does it do
How much does it cost
Rating on the relevant app store as of date

Audience - beginners or expert? student or pro?

Would you recommend others in the class download it?

General Comments - Is it worth the memory/cost/time?

Evaluate it - give marks (stars-- on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is best ever)
Ease of use
Content accuracy
Cost (Value)
Relevancy to astronomy (could you use it to do better in the class

Put the name of your app here - then your name.
OSR StarFinder- Kelsey Russo
sky view 10- edgar raygoza
Sky Map 2- Max Aseremo
Stellarium- Michael Fierros
sky view 8- Herman Ostergard
Skyview 7 - Lilia Coronel
Look App - Bianca Chan
NASA App - Jose Rios
Star Chart- Georgina Trout
Sky Map - Chase Pereira
NASA App - Gregory Shirley
Astronomy Picture of the Day 2 - Linda Ramirez
SkEye-Fallon Cummings
Astronomy Picture of the Day - Adrian Villicana
Phases of the Moon - Anna Foster
SkyView 6 - Cristina Martinez
Sky view 5 - Mayra Vazquez
Sky View 4 - Alicia Waters
Sky View 3 - Victoria Alahuzos
Astronomy Facts - Lisa Duncan
Exoplanet - Tyler Zybach-DeBoer
Star Chart - Dan Combs
Star Chart - Kevin Gough
Stellarium - Jeff Adkins
SkyView - Ashley Rownd
Sky Star Finder - Justin Dabill
Sky View Free - Julia Sanabria
StarTrackerLite - Raymond Lorscheider
SkyView - Josh Kirby
NASA News - Diego Chafloque
Moon Finder - Josie Amigo
Stellarium 4 - Justin Rieger
Sky Map 3 - Matt Mucha
Curiosity - Kirstie Tabelin