Virgo Supercluster

Journey through the Virgo supercluster

Wordless video that takes you on a journey through the Virgo Cluster. It is good at showing the scale of a supercluster as well as giving you a 3D perspective of the universe. It may just be a concept video and not actual galaxies and things from telescopes are data, but that isn't the point as the video is just trying to give a sense of scale and the broad strokes.

Atlas of the Universe

Easy to use website with lots of pictures and links. There's a really cool feature at the top lets you zoom in and out on the entire supercluster, and as you zoom it takes you to different pages that go into more depth at each level of zoom. There are separate pages for each subgroup of the Virgo Supercluster that go into more detail with lots of pictures and information for each page. There is no search bar feature; however, which is a shame for a site this big. It was last updated on 30 Jul 2006.

Universe Today- Virgo Supercluster

This very recent article has a map of the universe with the Virgo Cluster positioned in the middle. The site scales it at a billion light years across from one edge of the map to the other, with our local cluster in the middle. It also gives some broad information and current theories regarding the cluster and the universe as a whole. It is a very recent article that was published August 22nd, 2009.

The Geometry of the Local Supercluster

A Harvard seminar page that has gathered a lot of data about the Virgo Supercluster, here referred to as the Local Supercluster. Most of the information here would probably be better suited to more advanced astronomy students, but it does have two very useful bits of information that anyone can use. The first is the nice picture that plots the distribution of galaxies for a good visual, and it shows that all of it is based off of actual data and observations and thus not just some concept art or drawing. The information comes from things as old as the late fifties to the 2000's, and the page was created 2007. Good site to see how much work and data goes into astronomy, and it is also a good place to get a headache.

Clusters and Superclusters

Ohio State lecture notes page that breaks down the organization of superclusters and the clusters that form them. Good to get definitions and explanations for key terms. Really easy to read and understand what the author is trying to teach. From 2003.