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UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects)
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A Unidentified Flying Object or UFO is the name the government gives to any aircraft that flies anywhere over the US. However this page is all about the "myth" of UFO's that are flown by non hue glob man species, are they real or are they not ? read the links and decide for yourself.

Major Cases
  • This website is easy to navigate and comprehend
  • Site is strictly for UFO sightings that dates back throughout the 1900's C.Waring
  • This site is filled with pics and videos posted by people around the world
  • A lot of stuff to be loaded but very informational
  • Lots of Info and Pictures
  • Routing To Space Material Purchases and Videos Of UFO Sightings

If indeed these extraterritorial do exist, this website gives reasons why they would come here.

WHY? Author- Andy Page
  • This website is easy to understand and to navigate.
  • Good page to find out other peoples assumptions of why UFO's would visit Earth.

Also here is an interesting recent article talking about the Kepler spacecraft and its findings of planets in the habitable zone. Which if any extraterritorial beings were out there they might live on one of these newly discovered planets.

Yahoo News Author- Mike Wall

Time Travel Theory
This theory states that these spacecrafts are actually human beings time traveling and visiting us from the future. Many alleged abductees say that they are trying to warn us about the damages we might afflict onto the earth with things such as environmental pollution and atomic weapons.

Time Travel Theory Author- Jeff Barris
  • This website may not be extremely credible but it is just used to explain what the theory is. It also explains it in full detail how this may be possible.
  • This website contains concepts that are better understood by high school students and above.
  • Site isn't really for UFO information, but more of peoples opinion on evolution.
  • Better for alien research

The first UFO spotting & Recent sightings

the first UFO spotting ever recorded in our time. Although there are many different theories, this one seems the most accurate.

  • Not A long page, pretty short but descriptive

The secrets of Area 51

Many people have speculated whether or not the talk of Area 51 was really true,especially when it came to the discussion about their involvement with extraterrestrials. Many have wondered what exactly happens there and if they are using classified information about UFOs to strengthen military forces.

Classified Author-Billy Booth 2012
  • This website is simple to navigate and the information seems to be up to date.
  • This website is for an audience of high school students and above


Has someone really been abducted by a UFO ? and if they have how do we know ? and why did they abduct ?

Not a believer ?

Some people may never believe the alien story on UFO's no matter what they here. On the other hands many people believe that we are not alone..


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This page provides opinions from both sides of the believers and nonbelievers

Is it or is it not?

Whenever you hear about a UFO sighting you never believe it. I guess it is one of those things that you just have to see it for yourself.

I think it is Author-Mufon 2012
  • Page is easy to navigate and seems to be a pretty creditable page.
  • The audience for this page is at least high school to college students and above

Did I see that?

I know you thought you saw a UFO but what if it was something else. Could it have all been in your head? Think about it.

Illusions Author-Phil Klass
  • Easy to navigate though a lot to read
  • Audience is for college to adults

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A UFO is an "unidentified flying object" that is seen soaring through the sky and is referred as a suspected alien aircraft. UFO sightings have been made world wide since 1639 but this is still a very skeptical subject. Some believe UFO's don't exist and are nothing but myths. Others believe that we are not alone in this world. Although based on the HuffPost/YouGov Poll 48% of Americans believe in the existence of UFO's and 38% completely reject the idea. The links provided below are both for the existence of extraterrestrial phenomenon and against that they even exist. Ultimately the choice is yours on whether to believe or not.

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UFO Investigations

This link describes the first ongoing UFO investigations such as The Robertson Panel, The Condon Report, Project Blue Book, and Project Sign which all took place between 1947-1969
  • This site is maintained by A & E Networks which is associated with the HISTORY television show
  • DATE REVIEWED: April 22, 2014
  • LAST UPDATED: Unknown
  • This site seems up to date with accurate information based on the other videos and links added to the page
  • Very easy to navigate and easily understood with additional pages and links to gather more information
  • Audience is for middle school students and above
  • Easy to learn from but also available on he history channel.

Most Important Case In Ufology


In Roswell, New Mexico 1947 a UFO was seen by many Americans falling from the sky but was later explained by the Army that went to the scene and collected the debris that it was a weather balloon. The Roswell case is said to be the most important case in ufology because of the amounts of commotion it stirred and the conspiracies that followed. Did a UFO really fall from the sky? Is the government "covering up"? The link provided shows a video on the events of Roswell and the clues that have discovered since this event.
  • Video is relatively short but very informative
  • Other videos involving UFO cases and mysteries are also available on this site
  • Good short videos, also able to be seen on history channel.

Evidence involving Roswell case .....

Majestic 12 Documents Author: Loy Lawhon
The Majestic 12 Documents were documents and a 35mm film that was secretly sent to a video documentary producer, Jaime Shandera, in 1984. In these documents it explained the crash of the UFO in Roswell as well as other known UFO crashing. It also gave a list of the government officials and scientists involved in a secret government UFO group. Ten years later another 35mm film was received by Don Berliner and in it detailed how to handle recovered debris and bodies from a UFO crash.
  • This site is organized by different ufologist studying extraterrestrial phenomenons
  • DATE REVIEWED: April 22, 2014
  • LAST UPDATED: Unknown
  • Up to date and easy to navigate
  • Long read but contains many facts, contains other links providing UFO evidence
  • Audience: high school and above

UFO Sightings
This link provides a world map which locates the city of people who claimed to have seen a UFO.
  • Easy to navigate
  • Also contains videos and additional links

UFO's and Aliens In Area 51?

Area 51 Revealed Author: Ki Mae Heussner
Many people have found Area 51 to be the most secretive and confidential place in America, but what really goes on behind closed doors? The link provided describes what some ufologist to believe happens and what previous workers of Area 51 came out to say about their experience of working and how they felt about the reaction of ufologist and Americans.
  • This site is sponsored by ABC NEWS
  • DATE REVIEWED: April 23, 2014
  • LAST UPDATED: April 10, 2009
  • Easy to navigate, not a very long read but very clear
  • Audience is for high school and above
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Aerial photo of Area 51.

Area 51 is located in Nevada, California.

Although hearing what these ex-worker had to say many ufologist and Americans still completely believed in the Area 51 Conspiracies

Many Americans and ufologist believe that Area 51 isn't just a military base where weapons and aircraft's are tested, but the home of UFO remains of previous crashes and even extraterrestrial beings. These conspiracies have gone on for many years but no one can ever come up with a true answer on whether or not these conspiracies are true. Not only is this subject unclear but it is also said that the information involving UFO's and aliens have been "covered up" by the government ....
  • The link provided involving Area 51 Conspiracies shows different conspiracies that are thought to go on within Area 51
  • This link is not factual, it is just based off thoughts and different opinions
  • Very short read
  • Audience is for middle school and above
  • Grabs interest because Area 51 is popular when speaking on UFO's & Aliens while growing up, other than that is just opinions.

Government "Cover Up"?

WHY? Author: Grant Cameron
One of the many conspiracies involving UFO's is that the government is "covering up" and hiding the truth from America. Although the government may have its secrets why would they keep something along the lines of extraterrestrial a secret if indeed it were true? The link provided describes the different reasons why the government might have chosen not to disclose the subject of UFO's and other extraterrestrial phenomenons.
  • The link provided is sponsored by "The Presidents UFO Website"
  • LAST UPDATED: August 9, 2009
  • Not based on actual facts
  • Very long read but interesting to see the different suggestions
  • Easy to navigate

UFO's: Challenge To Become A Main Stream Science

Why Scientist Refuse To Believe Author: Patricia B. Corbett
Its been a long time coming for serious ufologist and no matter what their efforts are to provide evidence to the scientific community it never seems to be enough. UFO's are looked at by this community as "jokes" and nonsense. The link provided discusses why scientist refuse to believe or take any part in the research of UFO's and the evidence that is available. Also it provides you with government officials who said for themselves that they have seen a UFO and it provides the names of bestseller books on UFO's and reports.

QUOTE FROM THE LINK: "Today's scientists are like the scientists of Galileo's day who refused to look into the telescope to see the moons of Jupiter with their own eyes."
  • This link was provided by "Scientific Study of the UFO Phenomenon and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life"
  • Site seems very up to date
  • Long read but contains a a lot of information
  • Contains many additional links about UFO's and extraterrestrial life
  • Audience is high school and above

Alien Abduction

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Are They Real?
The idea of alien abduction can be a very hard thing for people to believe, more difficult than the idea of the site of a UFO. The link provided explains how people have indeed been abducted by aliens and each of the "abductees" detailed experiences while being abducted. Also it includes the observation tests of psychologist based on the "abductees" reactions and comments.
  • This link is sponsored by "EDUCATION HUMANITY"
  • LAST UPDATED: November 23, 2011
  • Very skeptical
  • Not a long read, Easy to navigate
  • Site also provides many other links and videos involving both UFO's and alien abductions

Barney and Betty Hill Abduction
The Barney and Betty Hill abduction is known as the most famous abduction case. It happened in 1961 on their way home in New Hampshire. They said that the were abducted from September 19 to the 20th. Around 10:30 at night while driving home from Niagara Falls, Betty said she witnessed a bright light floating underneath the moon. She first thought she was witnessing a shooting star until the light started too go upwards instead of down. Later down on the road they encountered the odd craft and recalled seeing 8 to 11 "humanlike beings" in it. Soon after they encountered lost time while driving and encountered taking wrong turns to dead end roads. The link provided explains in detail both Barney and Betty's experience while they were abducted.

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Barney and Betty Hill describing what they saw during the abduction.
  • This link is sponsored by "ALIEN-UFO RESEARCH"
  • Not factual, based on their "said" experiences
  • Not a long read but very interesting
  • Based on ones personal thoughts, no real evidence

Not only are there stories told by people who have claimed to be abducted but there is said that real evidence has been found involving abductions....


This link describes evidence that "abductees" really might have been abducted by aliens. According to biophysicist Dr. William C. Levengood certain particles in dust have been found in homes of only those who have been abducted.
  • This link is sponsored by "Alien Abduction Experience and Research"
  • LAST UPDATED: 2000
  • Not a long read and very interesting
  • Easy to navigate
  • Audience is high school and above

Although some known evidence have been found, there are still many Americans that remain very skeptical about the idea and refuse to believe....

Don't Believe? Author: Erich Good
This link is a very skeptical link explaining reasons why people don't believe in alien abductions. It acknowledges that there are some evidence that does point towards the existence of alien abductions but overall it is still to sketchy of a subject to be believed in and not enough physical evidence or proof have been provided to fully be believed in.
  • This link is provided by "Psychology Today"
  • LAST UPDATED: May 1, 2012
  • Seems a bit opinionated
  • Medium length read
  • Easy to understand and navigate

Men in Black?

These "men in black" have been reported to show up to ufo crash sights or confront people who research UFO's. Video below tells you the encounters some people had with them.
Photo retrieved from:

Interesting because of the movie, but hard to believe if not seen in person.

2018 Arizona Flight Sighting
[rich mixon 4/1/18]

  • Recent sighting in March 2018
  • Recording of how pilots may respond to a sighting

Military UFO Encounters
[rich mixon 4/1/18]

  • Obtains Footage from military personnel of UFO's

March 2018 Recorded Sightings
[rich mixon 4/1/18]

  • Videos recorded in March 2018
  • Actual responses while observing the considered UFO's

Speculation That The Government Studies UFO's
[rich mixon 4/1/18]

  • Dates and times where the Government releases that they study UFO's
  • Video's supporting the theory of aliens and may be sightings

Roswell Incident
[rich mixon 4/1/18]

  • Information on one of the most popular UFO sightings
  • Pictures and Interviews explaining the incident giving a visual to the reader