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Everyone knows that our ocean waters rise and fall at different times of the day. but have we ever wondered where the water goes
when this happens or even what causes the sea level to rise and fall. I know we might be thinking perhaps the weather but the weather
has nothing to do with tides. in fact it has been proven that the moon is the cause of tides; but what does the moon have to do with it?
the reason for this page is to help us find these answers in better explanation and better understanding.

How Do Tides Work?

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Summary: This website is short but yet easy to understand. it looks very accurate although its condenced it gets straight to the point.
This website is intended for the any one who is interested in the basics of tides. It simplifies what causes tides, how they happen, and
the diferent types of tides there is.

Types of Tides

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the moon creates the diferent tides also how one can predict tides also gives alot of information on diferent topics along with
some tide tables. fairly simple to read.

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Summary: This website gives a good description of what a tide is, how tides work and when to expect them. Also, the different types of
tides, tides in rivers.It has a tide table looks very accurate and this educational website is intended to those who are into fishing and are
interested in knowing the best times and worst times to fish. This website has a lot of information also explains what a the theories.

Tide Theories

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Summary: This website gives a full description on Galileo's theory of tides, the history of his theory involving Kepler's theory, as well as
newton. It explains why his theory failed and which theory we believe in today. This website is intended for anyone who is interested in
knowing the history behind tides.
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Summary: This website explains what Newtons Law of Gravitation is, also explains it in mathematical terms thoroughly. It is very organized
andaccurate. explains each step of Newton law, the moons gravitational pull. this website is intended for any who is interested in Newtons
Law of Gravitation.

Tidal Power

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very simple to follow and accurate. it explains what tidal power is, renewable energy, how we get power from waves, history and alot of other fun
facts about tidal energy.

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Have you ever been sitting on the beach watching the waves and wondered to yourself, what causes these waves? Why we have different tides at different times of the day? Well, here that will all be explained for you.

High Tide / Low Tide Examples in Relation to the Moon Phases


Effect of Tides on our waters

external image inout-tide.gif


  • The website was found and reviewed on May 4, 2009.
  • The intended audience is teachers,the general public and others who may be interested in this site would be curious minds.
The site was fairly easy to follow. It has the basic information about tides. The contents of the site focused solely on tides and how one can make predictions of when the tides would be at their highest or lowest. The site has experimental research for individuals who may be interested in learning about a more specify topic such as; Moon, phases of the moon, low or high Tides, etc . There is data provided which can be plotted onto a graph to determine the day and time of the high and low tides. At the top of the page, anyone browsing the site can “ask an expert” “project guides/ideas” or “compete in advance science competitions.
  • In my opinion, this website is educational for those who may want to further their understanding of tides and to be able to predict their high and low periods. It is a good site because it provides hands-on experiment.

[[http://www.iit.edu/~johnsonp/smart00/lesson4.htm]] Author: Porter Johnson
  • The website was found and reviewed on May 5, 2009.
  • The website seems to be intended for students, teachers or anyone who might be interested in tides.
The site is easy to follow it gives the readers subtitles if they are looking for a specific topic on tides gives a fair amount of information towards each subtitle but, you may need further information and it gives you a link to another website. Has a list of links to frequently asked questions on the subject of tides.

  • The website was found and reviewed on May 6, 2009.
  • The website is intended for all audiences: students, teachers, and youngsters alike.
  • This website is easy to follow and gives you the all basic information about tides. What causes them, the spring and neap tides, and also states a few key terms on tides. The website contains a animated video that shows how the moons gravitional pull affects the tides causing high and low tides.The little "click here' links on the page do not really do any sort of help. It gives a few basic diagram pictures to help with the understanding.

[[http://members.tripod.com/~CovenK/index.html]] Hosted by: Tripod
  • The website was found and reviewed on May 6, 2009.
  • The intended for this website are high school students and the general public. The site can also be useful to those who enjoy being on the beach and want to understand the flow of the ocean beneath their feet.
  • The website provides clear understanding to those who have wanted to know why the ocean behaves differently at different times of the day. It gives a little history of when and who discovered the law of gravity. This site explains of why the moon controls the ocean’s Tides. The site is very basic and easy to understand. No special knowledge is required to understand the writer’s points. On the left of the page, there are other links that go into more depth about the types of tides.
  • In my opinion, the educational value of this site is good. It gives a very general idea and overview of what Tides are and what causes them. This website is set up in a way that a person reading would obtain knowledge about tides.

  • The website was found and reviewed on May 7, 2009.
  • The website is intended for amateurs, high school students, and the general public.
  • While reading this website you find that it is extremely easy to follow. It goes over the topic of what are tides and what it is that causes them. It gives little "click here" links but, they are not really any help . It gives few basic diagrams for helping with the ideas of spring and neap tides.

Author: Richard Pogge
The website is intended for professionals and teachers. The general public who are interested in the topic Tides may find this site useful.
  • The website gives basic information about tides, it is set up with a subtitles followed by bullets but, the bullets are not explained well. Gives good diagrams on the moons gravity affecting the tides and also on spring and neap tides.

[[http://home.hiwaay.net/~krcool/Astro/moon/moontides/]] Copyrights: Keith Cooley
  • The website is intended for, high school and college students, and the general public.
  • The site is very lengthy but easy to understand. Details are broken in sections and then better explained to its audiences. The sites motion illustration demonstrates when the different Tides periods occur in accordance with the moon phases and times. The contents of the site are easy to comprehend and no special knowledge is required for the intended audience. The information about Tides is clearly stated.

  • Though the site is lengthy, it provides the audience easy flow of information. The educational value is excellent. The information is précised and illustration made it even easier to grasp the concepts of Tides.
  • This website is very easy to follow and to understand. It gives information about how the moon affects tides. The site also has plenty of diagrams along with the reading that gives you a further understanding and clears things up. The site also states some of their refrences that can help you get a further or better understanding of tides.
  • This website has absolutely no reading at all but, it is a video diagram that shows how the moon and sun affect the tides. It clearly shows with the moon rotation how the tides change. It also gives little explainations all through the video to help with further understanding.

by:Diederik Willemsen
  • This website gives plenty of information about the tidal movements. Easy to follow, the site has illustrations and a small moving diagram showing the moons affects on tides. It also gives an overview of the website that is very useful.
  • The site gives the basic information on tides and shows diagrams. It is easy to follow and the diagrams are very helpful. It is set up with subtitles that are followed by information on that topic

This section provides links that illustrate how Tides are created, how we observe them, and how we know they exist. Tides are the periodic rise and fall of the ocean waters caused by gravitational pulls of the Moon and Sun (to a lesser extent), as well as the rotation of the Earth. Some well known Tides are Spring Tide, Neap Tide, and Lunar Tides. When the Sun, Earth and moon are in a straight line, this causes a Spring Tide. The spring tides create high tides that are very high and low tides that are really low. When the sun and the moon are the right angle of each other, this is called a Neap Tide. The neap tides create high tides that are very low and low tides that are very high. The sun also pulls at the Earth but, not as nearly as strong as the moon.

The Jump

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You may think that there is only one high tide at a time on Earth, but the truth is, that there is two different high tides on Earth at the same time. How is this possible? The tides come from the gravitational pull from the moon, and the centrifugal force to cause the high tide on the opposite side of the moon. The reason there is two high tides about every twelve hours is that you have a tide when closer to the moon, and then again when the moon is opposite from you.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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A tide is from the sun and moons force. We have high tides and low tides. They rise up towards the coast, all fall back into the sea. The incoming tides are called flood tides. The tides going away are called an ebb current.

The Highest Tides

Author: Dr. Roy Bishop
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The moon gives a force to the earth, then the earth pushed closer to the moon. With that, the water is closest to the moon, which makes the tides bigger. The reason for the high tides on the opposite side of the earth are because the force that the earth is being pulled toward the moon, the tide gets held which pushes the tide to be bigger.