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The most famous telescope of them all, the Hubble Telescope.
The most famous telescope of them all, the Hubble Telescope.

Astronomical Telescope from

50 cm refracting telescope at Nice Observatory.
50 cm refracting telescope at Nice Observatory.

A Brief Introduction

Telescopes are useful instruments used to aid people in observing objects in the night sky. Many people think telescopes "make objects appear bigger" yes, but the main purpose is to gather light. The more light a telescope gathers, the more powerful it becomes. Telescopes have been around since the 1608 and have evolved greatly since. They come in all different sizes and can range from fifteen dollars to over a thousand dollars. Whether you are a beginner or a professional astronomer, there is a telescope just for you.

Basic Information
This website offers different types of information about telescopes. It includes a introduction, videos, articles, and current news about telescopes. This website is most helpful for students looking for different types of information on the subject. It also offers APA, MLA, and Chicago citation assistance at the bottom of the page. The site is easy to read and provides plenty of useful information although, it does not offer any author information.

Telescopes: Your Window to the Universe
The author of the page, John Land, made this article easy to read for beginners and students. It gives definitions for basic astronomy terms and a quick and easy lesson on how to use and take care of a telescope by how to handle and clean it properly. Here you can also find information about stars, planets, galaxies; basically everything you need to know for looking in the night sky. The site also provides information about books and other websites to satisfy anyone need for more information. Since John Land has been teaching astronomy for over 20 years I believe this information is accurate. It is easy to navigate through the site which is perfect for beginners and students.

How Telescopes Work
"How Telescopes Work"
Author- Craig Freudenrich
This site is great for those who want a quick lesson on how telescopes work. This website uses small words that are easy to understand. The article is very short and to the point.
Written- November 2010
Date Reviewed- December 7, 2016
Reviewed by- Jody Eden
The information seems up to date and reliable. There are more websites to click on for further reading.
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Telescope Advice
"So You Wanna Buy A Telescope... Advice for Beginners"
Author- Ed Ting
This site is for beginners looking for advice on what telescope is right for them, because just like people, all telescopes are different. The website starts out with some words of advice from the Author before you start your search for the perfect telescope that best fits your needs. Then it moves on to explaining the different types that are available for purchase. They talk about the different functions they come with, advantages, disadvantages, and more. It includes photos as well, which is very helpful to understand and visualize.
Updated- February 1, 2015
Reviewed- December 7, 2016
Reviewed by- Jody Eden
This site seems accurate and the author seems very passionate in astronomy. He makes it very easy to read and understand for his audience, the new astronomers.

This site is perfect for someone who is looking into buying any kind of telescope. ProTelescope sells all kinds of different telescopes from bird watching to astrophotography. They also sell telescopes in value bundles as well as special deals that they post on the main page. Their prices are fair and the site also provides telescope facts and information that one would need to know. ProTelescopes also has a phone number you can call to talk to professionals on the right hand side of the page. Overall it is easy to navigate through with up-to-date information on their products.

Telescopes for Beginners
"Best Telescopes for the Money"
Author- Dave Brody
This site is perfect for people who are interested in buying their first telescope. The website gives the price and brief descriptions of the different varieties of telescopes. This website is helpful for people just getting into the study of Astronomy.
Updated- November 22, 2016
Reviewed- December 7, 2016
Reviewed by- Jody Eden
Accuracy- The information on the telescopes seem to be correct and reliable.
Clarity- The words are very easy to understand, not too many astronomy terms so its simple for beginners.
Navigation- Easy to navigate on to other page to read more on the telescopes or to purchase.

The Basics of Telescopes
This Site gives you the basic information on different types of telescopes, the parts that are in the telescopes, the differences between telescopes, and the advantages and disadvantages of each of the different types of telescopes. This site is very easy to use with a very simple explanation and clarity to those who have no knowledge of telescopes. Written by Nick Greene, former Guide.

Telescope History
This site goes through the history of the telescope from the very first telescope, to present day telescopes and the construction of the most famous telescope, the Hubble Space Telescope. This site is fairly good as of navigation and is simple to understand for someone trying to get a brief history of telescopes. Written by Tammy Plotner on September 16, 2008.

Telescope history
"Who Invented The Telescope"
Author- Lauren Cox
This website talks about how the telescope was invented. It begins all the way to when it was first patented by Hans Lippershey in 1608 . This would be perfect for students writing research papers on the history telescopes, or just anyone interested on the route it took to create the telescope.
Updated- July 13, 2013
Reviewed-December 7, 2016
Reviewed by- Jody Eden
Accuracy- The information seems accurate even when dating back in the 1608.
Clarity- The audience would be all ages that are interested in the history. Perfect for research paper information.
Navigation- Many other links to click on about astronomy.

Shop Telescopes
This site gives you more details on each of the different types of telescopes. It also gives you visuals of how each telescope works when the light hits it. This site gives you only a brief description of each telescope but having visuals may help you understand better how each one works. This site is extremely easy to navigate and to read and understand. A good site in helping you choose a telescope if you are thinking about buying one.

Shop Telescopes
This site is good for someone interested in looking for a telescope. This site has almost all the telescopes on the market as well as accessories, binoculars, spotting scoped, and much more. The site is overall easy to navigate through and gives a good detailed description of the item you are looking at. Depending on the type and brand of telescope, you can be looking to pay from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

Shop Telescopes
"Top 6 Telescopes for Kids 2016"
This website is a list of the six top telescopes for kids with descriptions, prices, and reviews. Although these aren't the best telescopes, I believe they would be a good option for beginners. At the end of the list of telescopes it has some good information with some advice.
Updated- December 4,2016
Reviewed-December 7, 2016
Accuracy-This website is very up to date, it was just updated.
Clarity- The audience is mainly for parents buying their children telescopes, or young teenagers.
Navigation- Has links leading to the telescopes for purchase. Also has links to other information and words the reader may be interested in reading more on.

By Erik Menjivar, edited by Myriah Herrington and Jimmy Aanestad

How Telescopes Work
By. Craig C Freudenrich, Ph.D.
Date Read: 11/16/07
Audience: Amateur astronomers and prospective buyers.
Summary: If you would like a closer look at objects in the sky and are interested in purchasing a telescope this is a great site to check out. This site is very self-explanatory with easy navigation and up-to-date information. It describes several types of telescopes in detail. You can also purchase a telescope from this site. There are several links that will help you find what you need as well as pictures that will help you pick the telescope that is just right for you.
Opinion: I found this site very informative.

ORION Telescopes and Binoculars
Date Read: 11/16/07
Source: Imaginova corp 2007
Audience: Amateur astronomers, Nature enthusiasts, and Teachers
Summary: Here you will find any science gear you are looking for. This site sells telescopes, microscopes, accessories, binoculars, books, as well as gifts. This site has easy accessibility with great navigation, pictures, and up-to-date items. This is a great site to visit if you are looking at buying science related items. You can even request a free catalog by submitting your e-mail address.
Opinion: Great site for buyers.

The Telescope Hubble Essentials
Date Read: 11/16/07
Audience: Students ,Teachers, and Professionals
Summary: At this site you will find out all you need to know about telescopes from how and when they were created to how they work. It ranges from average telescopes to the Hubble telescope it links to NASA. This site also has information about Lyman Spitzer Jr., Edwin Hubble and other interesting facts.The site's pictures also makes it a little more interesting to look at specially if you are a visual learner. This site is easy to navigate and is up-to-date.
Opinion: This site is great for school reports.

The Telescope Experts (Link edited 05/16/10)
By. Doug Neilson
Date Read: 11/30/07
Intended Audience: Anybody
Summary: This website is a lot like ProTelescopes. This site is filled with all kinds of things from telescopes, to binoculars, to accessories. This site has it all for people who are just wanting to buy a cheap telescope to professionals who want to buy a professional telescope.
Opinion: Good site with good information.

All About Telescopes
By. W.J. Rayment
Date read: 11/30/07
Intended audience: Amateurs, Students, Teachers, and Professionals.
Summary: This site has great information about the history of telescopes. This site also shows you how telescopes work and it will help you find the right telescope for you. It provides easy navigation with plenty of extras.
Opinion: Good website.

Edited By Alicia Rodriguez 2010

Hubble Information
Read on: 05/16/10
Summary: This website is about a particular telescope called the "Hubble", which is a space telescope. The site is broken down into different sections like News, Videos, About the Hubble, etc. This site is very useful if your looking for information about the Hubble because , not so beneficial if you're just looking for telescope information in general. The site also has a section for teachers and kids, that include projects and teaching and materials.

How To Build A Telescope
Read on: 05/16/10
Summary: This is a website that gives you instructions and what you need to build a telescope. The site breaks down the different parts of the telescope and how each part operates. The site also has pictures and diagrams to explain how to build different pieces of telescope. I found the pictures and explainations of how to build a telescope to be kind of confusing and that if you didn't have any idea on how to build a telescope then you would probably get lost when trying to figure out how to build one from this website.

Youtube: Telescope Principles
Read on:05/16/10
Summary: This here is a link to a video called " Telescope Principles Training" that teaches Mission Team leaders how to teach the principles of a telescope. I think the video is interesting and a little easier to understand than just reading a website about telescopes. Actually seeing someone point out different parts and showing it how it works is beneficial for someone who learns by example.

Telescope Nerd
Read on:05/16/10
Summary: This is a very information and has a lot of different aspects of the telescope. Not only does the site provide basic knowledge of a telescope and how it works, it also has videos, and a section that gives you tips when deciding to buy a telescope. The unique section on this site is the telescope time line which can be useful when you want to know more information on when and who built what. The site is very easy to navigate and seems to have everything about telescopes in one site.

Types of Telescopes
Read on:05/16/10
Summary: I found this site very helpful regarding different types of telescopes. The site does a good job for explaining the different types of telescopes there are and how they work. Although there are no pictures to go along with the explanations, this part of the site is very helpful. The website, like some above, have other links that regard other topics about telescopes. Even though telescopes can be confusing, the site does a nice job of breaking everything down and making it easy to understand.

First Telescope
Read on:05/16/10
Summary: This site is for people looking to buy their first telescope. It also gives you a list of objects that you can expect to see with a telescope you may buy. It goes on to tell you what brands are good and where to go when buying a telescope. The website is directed to people looking to purchase a telescope and need advice, but the site is also beneficial to someone who is new to their telescope.