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Author: Bruce McClureOverview: Latest updates on the constellations and the world.
How to find Sagittarius on August evenings, plus the lore and science of this constellation.
Last Updated: August 1, 2017Date Reviewed: May 11,2018Reviewed By: Crystal RubioAccuracy: The information seems to be accurate and based off information that is scientifically correct. The author is also a reliable astronomical writer.Readability and Clarity: Information is set for an audience wanting to know more about their sagittarius constellation.Ease of Navigation: It is easy to read and organized with links to follow about constellation facts.


Space.comhttps://www.space.com/21653-sagittarius-constellation.htmlAuthor: Kim Ann ZimmermanOverview: Website source for space exploration, and discovery of astronomy news. This page provides facts about "The Archer", such as its location, notable stars and objects, myth of the SagittariusLast Updated: May 24,2017Date Reviewed: May 11, 2018Reviewed By: Crystal RubioAccuracy: The websites content is provided by resources from respected resources, and is a highly recognized location for space news.Readability and Clarity: This information is intended for those interested learning the newest information and facts of science and astronomy.Ease of Navigation: Website is easy to navigate and references to tech, news, research, and entertainment.

Author: Peter ChristoforouOverview: Constellations, stars, news, and entertainment. The constellation facts regarding Sagittarius goes over the representation, shape, location, nebulae and star clustersLast Updated: November 29, 2012Date Reviewed: May 11, 2018Reviewed By: Crystal RubioAccuracy: The website creator of Astronomy Trek is an Astronomy enthusiast who wants an educational and fun resource. It seems reliable but did not state references or resources for information on website. Readability and Clarity: Information on website is easy to read and organized pictures available are also nice to refer to.Ease to Navigate: Website seems a bit out dated but has great amount of information and pages regarding science and astronomy.

Author: Dominic FordOverview: This website provides charts, data tables, and object seen in the night time, and more information regarding space and astronomy. Constellation information such as appearance date, object brightness, and neighboring constellations. Last Updated: UnknownDate Reviewed: May 11, 2018Reviewed By: Crystal RubioAccuracy: Website information seems reliable, and the website uses your location to use the simulators available to show what objects will be seen in your night sky. Readability and Clarity: Easy to read and navigate , organized lists for viewers to look for brightness of stars.Ease to Navigate: Information is easy to navigate the website provides great visuals for viewers. Provides links to other interactive online demos.

Overview: Website is a science magazine website which provides news, magazine issues, and mediaAuthor: Madeleine Finlay
Date : May 11, 2018
Last Updated: May 16, 2017
Reviewed By : Crystal Rubio
Accuracy: Information is resourced by University astronomers researching black hole in the Sagittarius constellation. Information is research done so is continually tested and researched.
Readability and Clarity: Information is easy to read and provides information about evidence found.
Ease to navigate: Easy to navigate and modern website

Sagittarius "The Archer"
Author : Unknown
This site gives various information about other planets that align within Sagittarius such as the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. It also describes the Archer or Sagittarius with keywords for its personality. It explains the physical attributes of the Sagittarius on how it is a half man half horse. It discusses its purpose with a story on why others may think it resembles. The site also displays quotes on the side from famous individuals that are sagittarius. The bottom of the site describes Sagittarius ascendant and how they may go about situations and how they deal with life.
Date : May 11, 2013
Last updated : unknown
Reviewed By: Crystal RubioAccuracy: Information based on sagittarius opinions and not facts. Not scientifically proven.Readability and Clarity: Easy to read very basic information not detailed.Ease of Navigation : Site simple and easy to navigate with menu list

Sagittarius Sun Sign - Zodiac Sign
This website describes the basics of a Sagittarius. It explains how Sagittarians go about their everyday life, how their mind works, their outlook on life. it exclaims how one can only be sagittarius if they were born November 22 through the 21st of December. This site reveals how the element of a sagittarius would be fire. It describes the half man half horse as a "centaur."
Author : Unknown
Date : May 11, 2013Last update : unknownReviewed by: Crystal RubioAccuracy: Zodiac astronomy information not based on scientific facts.Readability and Clarity: Easy to navigate website,

Sagittarius, click here for the daily horoscopes!
Sagittarius, click here for the daily horoscopes!
The Archerhttp://www.astrology-online.com/sagittar.htm
This website lists the traits, likes, and dislikes of a sagittarius. It provides facts on the ruling planets, color choice, the animal associated with the sign, and the starstone. This site contains a lot of information on a sagittarius' personality and lists famous people who are sagittarius.
Author : Michael Thiessen
Date : May 13, 2013
Last update : unknown
Reviewed by: Crystal RubioAccuracy: Zodiac mythical information based on old beliefs regarding astrological facts.Readability and Clarity: Website obtains a lot of reading and information seems outdated.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ2QOn17Nt1hEJiOf8scbQmeWXLNqFmzDC-fwVWZ6W8mpZMaTbj
Signs of the Zodiac
This site provides simple facts such as the element of the sign, the ruling planet, symbol, stone, etc. Following the list of facts, there is a short but thorough description of the personality of sagittarius.
Author : Athena Starwoman
Date : May 13, 2013
Last update : unknown
Reviewed by: Crystal RubioAccuracy: Information is Mythological and based on AstrologyReadability and Clarity: Easy to read content, but does seem outdated.
external image sagittarius.gif
Sagittarius Facts
This website gives great details about Sagittarius traits, possible health concerns, compatible signs, famous personalities, qualities and much more.
Author : Unknown
Date : May 16, 2013
Last update : Unknown
Last by: Crystal RubioAccuracy: Information is mythological and information is used as an astrology guideReadability and Clarity: Information is easy to read and find with the organization on the website.