Picture of the day. This page is for children and adults alike with beautifull pictures of the heavens; pictures speak a million words; but with these pictures there will be no speaking. With this site you will get many views of what is out there in outerspace, with beautifull pictures from the day. These pictures will change from day to day also dependent on the site that you visit. Only problem is if your looking for a lot of information most of these sites are not the ones you would want to go to. However if you love to see beautifull pictures and breif explanations about what you are seeing by a profesinol astronomer this is deffenitly for you.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

This site will update a new picture every day. If you scroll over the picture it will give you information of the surrounding area, constaltions, stars, and planets among many other local space and deep space objects. This site is very easy to use, children and adults alike can navigate this site easily.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

This site is very informatinal. It shows pictures of the day all the way back to 1995, and has alot of informantion about what you are looking at. This page is updated every day with a new picture. It also has links to other sites on this page. This site would be very educational for the young astronomer who may just be starting his or her journey into space. Recomened audiance would be teenage to adult users. This site can be easily navigated.

Astronomy the Worlds Best Selling Astronomy Magazine

This site has many pictures and alot of information. It has a very nice archive of pictures of the day on the site. This site has many links to several other websites as well, and a plethera of informantion for the reader and observer. Recomended users adults. Easily navigate threw this site.

NASA Website

This site by far was one of the most informational and full of pictures as with the other sites. There are many links to view other subjects space related. Every day NASA updates the new picture of the day. Recomended users adults. Easy navagation though out the site