By: Jennifer Perez
Spring 2018

What are Novae

What are Novae?
A nova is a star that suddenly shows a fast increase of light in a really short amount of time. A nova could even become one of the brightest objects in the sky besides our sun and moon.
Nova Centauri
Nova Centauri

How do Novae occur?
A nova occurs when a star of some sort collects hydrogen from a nearby companion (gas). This increases the mass of the star typically a white dwarf star and eventually results in a huge nuclear explosion due to fusion. This can happen with various star types, but it’s most common when there’s a compact and highly dense stellar remnant in close proximity to a star still has not gone supernova. A nova can have multiple explosions and it is usually extremely bright were you can see it with the naked eye.

How a white dwarf takes hydrogen from a near by star.
How a white dwarf takes hydrogen from a near by star.

Fun Facts
  1. The Plural form of nova is novae
  2. Nova is a smaller version of a super nova. The explosion is about 1/10 Th
  3. Nova Centauri was an accidental discover. Scientist compared many pictures to discover it. They were looking at the right area at the right time.
  4. Supernovas are more common then a nova
  5. When a nova is super bright that usually indicates a shorter life span.

Memorable mention

A close look at nova centauri
A close look at nova centauri

Nova Delphinus 2013
Nova Delphinus 2013

Nova Cygni
Nova Cygni
Nova Persei 1901
Nova Persei 1901

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