Spring Editor 2011-Donald D. Buck

Looking for some good quality magazines about astronomy online? This wiki-page is a links page to various magazines about astronomy with fun and interesting articles and info. Whether you are a kid, a beginner or just curious, the right magazine can keep you interested as well as informed. The following links direct you to both online magazines and websites to hard copy magazines where you are able to subscribe to them.


The readable articles are under the heading Welcome to Astronomy. There you can get an introduction to the science and hobby of astronomy,find a AWESOME kids section, learn about the solar system and more. Subscriber is put in contact with many other resources and benefits.


(Space Today Online) Edited by Anthony R. Curtis, PHD,space analyst and historian.
'Covering Space From the Earth to the edge of the Universe'
"The mission of STO is to provide accurate information on human activities in and about space — past, present, and future. We interpret this broadly, to include space science, space history, space research, space flight, Solar System exploration, deep space astronomy, and cosmology. Lots of information.


(Meteorite Times Magazine)
This is an online magazine that focuses on meteorites. There are monthly issues full of articles, information, and images regarding meteorites. You will also find many interviews and stories with people about their special meteorite findings and how they got interested in meteorites. If you want to know what meteorites fell for each month you could check out the Meteorite Calendar which shows the names of what meteorites fell in each month and their estimated dates of when it happened.


(Sky News Magazine)
This is a magazine of astronomy and stargazing. Here you will find weekly celestial highlights and weekly photo submissions by subscribers. There is a special posting of ten easy steps to successful stargazing from your own backyard. You will also find some astronomy news and satellite and space station predictions.


(Star Date Online)
Star Date Online is a" public education and outreach arm of the University of Texas McDonald Observatory." (StarDateOnline). This online magazine offers astronomy resources and daily radio programs. Special features include: History of the telescope, black holes encyclopedia, and Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment. There are also some Lesson plans and activities available for teachers. There is plenty of information and images about the solar system, galaxies, and planets.


(Astronomy Now Magazine)
Astronomy Now Magazine is the U.K.’s best selling astronomy magazine. Its articles cover subjects such as: cosmology, observing, and the history of astronomy. The magazine’s website also provides some in depth articles There are book reviews and tips for both amateur and advanced astronomers. The magazine’s website includes a sky chart and a resource page that provides links to astronomy websites.


(Popular Astronomy)
This is not an online magazine but you could download a sample issue or subscribe to it.. Each issue is packed with articles and photos. A bright, informative magazine Popular Astronomy arrives on your doormat every two months, giving you the very latest in astronomical news, from professional observatories to our own observing sections. Includes astronomy news, telescope topics, space exploration and more.


(Sky & telescope magazine)
0n this site you can subscribe to the hard copy or read articles from the magazine online.
This magazine is for the person who wants to read the latest in astro news or learn whats happenning in the sky tonight. Maybe you want some information on a telescope you want to quite looking at and start looking through.
This mag is full of info from stargazing to the latest find in space.


(Astrobiology Magazine)
Ever wonder where life on earth started? From the oceans of Earth to the moons of Jupiter questions and answers/known data about the origins and evolution of life. Perhaps your interest lies in the mass extinctions. For those interested in life, past,present and future. Hard to find what this site did not have. A NASA-sponsored online popular science magazine. Their articles talk about the latest and most exciting news across the wide and interdisciplinary field of astrobiology -- the study of life in the universe. From the website - May 2011


(Amateur Astronomy Magazine)
News for,by and about amateur astronomers around the world. Not a lot of information available unless your a subscriber. One subscriver wrote: "Best thing I ever did was buy all of the back issues of AA and what a bargain it was indeed. Best of all it has paid for itself many many time over with all the wonderful information in each issue and then some. A great reference." David, TX


The smithstonian does it again, if your interested in flying,space exploration, their history and the people invovled with it. this is the online magazine for you. The bimonthly magazine emphasizes the human stories behind the hardware and has established a track record of getting its readers into those places of the aerospace industry marked "authorized personnel only."


(Space.com)online magazine
Do you eat, drink and dream space,perhaps this site is for you. With click on tabs for news,spaceflight,science, technology,entertainment,spaceviews,Nightsky™,video and community. You can get the lastest on whats going on, up or coming down. You can communicate with people like you. And there are articles about the new space movies. It would be easy to lose track of time here, news of astronomy, skywatching, space exploration, commercial spaceflight and related technologies.