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Published: April, 1999
This is a very simple and informational site providing a short biography of Johannes Kepler's life. It lets you know briefly about his childhood, religious beliefs, and education. There is also a good amount of information about his first cosmological model and many of his observations. There are also quite interesting facts about his later life including many personal affairs like the death of his wife and child, and the charge of witchcraft upon his mother. This site has very good information and is very easy to follow.
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This link brings you to a site with a very short summary of Keplers laws of planetary motion. There is barely any information on this page, but if you scroll down towards the bottom there are links available for each individual law. By opening each of these links you are granted a very well written explanation of each law. The first two laws have diagrams where you can put in numbers of eccentricity to see how each ellipse would look. The link to the third law also provides a calculator to show how the distance from the sun affects the orbital period. This is a very good site not only because the summary of keplers laws but also because it allows you to actually see the calculations. This would be a great site for anyone who needs a better understanding of kepler's laws. I would recommend it. The following links are the individual laws that are available at the bottom.
Law 1:
Law 2:
Law 3:
Published: July 28, 2006
This link brings you to a summary of Kepler's model. This site explains the basic understanding of kepler's model and the combined works and efforts of Kepler with Tycho Brahe. There is not a whole lot of information, but it gives you a good basic idea of how his success came to be.
Published: 1998
Rather than taking a look at Kepler's entire life or all of his successes, this site gives us a look at his first model based on the polyhedra and antiprisms. This site goes into great detail explaining which shape he used and how he came up with the calculations to achieve his model. The site includes diagrams step by step of how his model was developed. I find this very interesting and though this model did not end up explaining planetary motion, it is a big part of history and was the first time an astronomer admitted his explanation was wrong.

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Johannes Kepler and Planetary Motion
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These two links bring you to part one and part two of an episode of "Great Moments in Science and Technology". This is a very beautiful documentary based on Tycho Brahe, Johannes Kepler, and Planetary Motion. These videos are extremely informative and are very interesting to watch. They greatly demonstrate and explains Kepler's involvement in astronomical breakthrough. These videos are produced beautifully, and are the best way to get a quick knowledge of Kepler and his importance in history. (edited by: Ralph Carter Fall 2012) The two links provided were out of date so I updated it with the same video in one link. This video is a great summery of the accomplishments of Tycho Brahe, and Johannes Kepler. The video goes into a lot of detail of what each scientist did to contribute to what would end up being Kepler's law of Planetary Motion its very informative and easy to watch providing nice visuals so the viewer is immersed and interested. All the information provided was accurate and it was very easy to follow.
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This web site has a reliable information and a good long biography. It is also set up in such a way that it is easy to navigate about the history and other creative work he has done. Johannes Kepler has also many accomplishment with books he has written on this web site. The web site's one problem was, it was hard to read, because it was back and white.when I open this web site all the three laws were so easy to read.This site will help many students about Kepler's entire life. copyright@2002 This link does not provide any reliable information. It is links to other sites while not providing any information to the reader.
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This link brings you to Kepler summary and other model, and basic understanding of his documentary. Explain how the tides were influenced by the moon, and also, determined the exact year of Christ's birth. All the three laws were well explain, the diversity of the phenomena of nature is so great and the treasures hidden in the heaven,So rich is a good site that tells you basically about the world and his life as a tin,went he hard his Mathematical Teacher in 1580-1635. This site gives a very brief summery on Kepler's life and accomplishments it is good information but it is very short and does not go into a lot of detail. It is good if you what a short summery but nothing more.
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This is a good site for students.It talks about the Kepler Spacecraft and how the Kepler's team released information on a possible planet.And a catalog of known exoplanets including five confirmed ex0planets that the team announced. The Student will profit to know about Kepler's team.Updated. 2011 winner of the National Magazines Award.
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This site will help student to learn more about a rocky world named Kepler-10b. This is one of the greatest discoveries in history.Student will learn about the smallest planet out side our Solar system. This was a pinpointed by NASA (380million kepler telescope. Student will also, know some great Scientis in Human History. The web site also has an attached video about the kepler-10b, that will halp every one to understand the explanation about kepler-10b.Last updated at 4:47pm on 12thJan 2011. by David Derbyshire.
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If you want a great summery of Kepler's life and accomplishments then this is a great site to go to. NASA's site has provided the reader with a collection of a lot of information on Kepler. From his biography to his laws of planetary motion, the reader will have a better understanding of who Kepler was and why he is so important in science. And there is more information on the site to more articles about the details of his work. This site is also very visual which will make it very easy to understand his three laws of planetary motion for those that have had difficulty understanding.
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This page written by Michael Fowler is a bibliography on Kepler's life. It provides useful information that is easy to read and understand. All the information is viable and the author provided a reference down below so the readers can access more information if they need it. This bibliography was written in 1995 and the information is accurate.
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This page is from Stanford, its focus is more on philosophy but it provides a great deal of information on Kepler's achievements. It talks about Kepler's original theory of the five regular solids which he thought explained how our solar system worked which he found out was not the case. Overall this article provides a lot of useful information for those who want to see his information from a philosophy point of view while still seeing the math and providing updated information.
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This article is great because it provides a great deal of information about Kepler's laws in a simple way that is easy to understand. It summarizes and explains each law and provides the back story that lead Kepler to his overall conclusions. I found this article to be useful because of the way it was formatted. Things that are important like formulas are usually a bigger font and in a different color which directs you to important information without the reader really looking for it.