Eris is a dwarf planet and the farthest celestial body along the Kuiper Belt in the Solar System. Eris was discovered in 2005 by Mike Brown, Chad Trujillo and David Rabinowitz and named after the Goddess of strife and discord. Its larger size in comparison to Pluto was the cause of Pluto's demotion to dwarf planet status.

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Spring 2013

Eris, The Largest Dwarf Planet
Author: Marc Delehanty
This is a good site that clearly explains how the planet Eris was found and it has a lot of facts of the planet itself like its composition and orbit. The site is maintained by a single individual and he does a very good job of clearly stating all the important facts about Eris that someone who wanted to know the basic facts, would benefit from reading this page. The audience for this website can range from any age because of its ease of understanding and its clarity in explaining all the information it states.

Pluto's "Twin" Has Frozen Atmosphere
Author: Rachel Kaufman
This is a very good site for those who wonder about some of the similarities between Eris and Pluto. The article is from National Geographic and this in itself proves the accuracy of the information and its a quite an interesting read. It explains how Eris' atmosphere is frozen solid and how with given time, it will look a lot more like Pluto atmosphere wise. The site is maintained by the National Geographic corporation and since this article was on the website of the corporation, searching for more information on Eris would be quite easy. There's so much information on this site and I do believe that it was the best out of all the ones I found not only because its very easy to understand but because its very detailed.

Space Facts
Author: Unknown
This is a very good site that is especially catered for children. It doesn't have a lot of information of Eris but it does feature some information on the definition of a Dwarf Planet which Eris is a part of. There are also a lot of different activities within the website and some games, projects and videos. Their is a lot of information on this site for children that is very easy to understand and the information is written in a way to keep you hooked on the things you are reading and since this site with an audience of mainly children, I found this to be very good.

Eris: Overview
Author: NASA
This has got to be my favorite site. Since its maintained by NASA, it has everything their is to know about the planet Eris and then some. It has so much information and its all easy to understand since it caters to all types of audiences. Their are pictures of Eris and its moon Dysnomia and even a few background notes on how the planet was named and all the facts and figures about the planet. It is quite an interesting read that one could learn so much from.

Dwarf Planet Eris is 'Almost Perfect' Pluto Twin
Author: Mike Wall
This site talks about both the differences and similarities between Eris and Pluto and how it is almost the same size of Pluto, making it its "almost twin". It is maintained by a network and its main audience seems to be varied, it can cater to students, adults interested in planets or anyone really. I found this site to be very helpful myself because it has a lot of information from the author himself and many more by other people whom he quotes. The page also has quite an interesting video, its just a four minute video but it is very interesting since it talks about measuring the size of Eris through the usage of one of the most powerful telescopes.