Hi, my name is Anthony Bruce. Earth is the third planet from the Sun, full of life and has amazing geographical features. Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old. Over 70% of it is covered by salt water oceans, leaving the remainder covered by the continents. The Earth orbits the Sun in just over 365 days and is estimated to be home to between 6 and 7 billion people.
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Title: Earth facts, photos, and information
Author: Bill Arnett
Date: November 27, 2012
Audience: This website is designed for audience that is interested in gaining knowlegde of the Earth, especially students.
Paragraph: This website has plenty of information that is accurate and up to date. You can learn about the origin of the planet, planet facts, compostion. It also has pictures to help follow along with the given information.
Opinion of the Site: This website is very easy to explore, it's only one page so you dont have to look through other pages. All of the information is easy to find and well formated. i would recommend to others, very useful for projects.

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Title: Earth Facts/ Facts about Earth
Author: Jonathan Malory
Date: November 27, 2012
Audience: This page is aimed at young people who want to learn quick fun facts about planet Earth.
Paragraph: This website informs us about eath and things involved with it like animals, the atmosphere, climates and evolution. Good site that has a lot to offer the visitors.
Opinion of the Site: This website has plenty of information to read about, has pictures and charts to help understand. Good site for a younger audience to gain knowlegde and is well formated so it is easy to navigate throughout the site.

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Title: Space Sciences
Date: November 28, 2012
Author:Jayne Aubele
Audience: The audience is aimed at a more mature crowd, explained in depth where a younger audience would find it more difficult to understand.
Paragraph: This page talks about Earth's characteristics, about it being a terrestrial planet. Also has options to related topics like the moon, the equator and the south pole. Averge site but could be better.
Opinion of the Site: This website is more of the summary of Earth being described by someone else. This site really wouldnt be that helpful in researching the planet Earth, it gives you the bare minimum of information. If you wanted to find about sandstone and the [[#|San Andres]] fault then this might be the site that your're looking for.
The earth, moon and sun
The earth, moon and sun

Title: Earth Facts
Date: November 28, 2012
Audience: This website is focused on the general public to get people to understand the basic knowledge about planet Earth.
Paragraph: This website is aimed at making information easy to obtain and understand for anyone to access and learn from.
Opinion of the Site: This is website is very broad and short. It gives good information but its more basic, if someone wanted to find out more information they would have to visit another site. I would definetly recommend this site for any looking to learn some of the basic facts about planet Earth but not for research for a major project.
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Title: Sun, Moon, and Earth
Date: November 28,2012
Audience: This website is more suitable for a [[#|college student]] that has some knowledge of astronomy.
Paragraph: This site give tons of information, not just about the Earth but the Sun and Moon. It gives plenty of details on the planets & elements, formation of the planets, Earth and Moon ties, the Sun's [[#|energy]] and how it affects Earth, the moon cycle, nothern lights and much more. The site also has other links to other site to help elaborate on some the topics already stated.
Opinion of the Site: The site would have to be the best of all, with almost seems to be unlimited information to research and much more to learn about. I would not recomment this website to anyone doesn't have some basic knowledge of Earth or our solar system because the information given uses extended vocabulary to explain what some things are, although it might be a great site to learn from.

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Title: The global system
Date: 2012
Audience: Students
Paragraph: This website has many pictures and explanations for every picture. it has easy accesible links and has alot of information about earth that will fill you with knowledge.
Opinion of the Site: This website is very easy to use and ia full of all kinds of information after navigating through this site studentes will have a great amount of knowledge about earth and will be more familiar with it.

Title: Windows to the Universe
Author: Roberta Johnson
Date: 11-12-08
Audience: Students, teachers, and scientists
Paragraph: This website explains characteristics of Earth. Such as: temperature, magnetism, the Moon, and the surface. This website has three forms of informational sites. If someone is new to Astronomy, there is a Beginner stage of the website. If someone is interested in learning about Earth with some previous information there is and intermediate stage. If someone already knows a lot// about Earth and is interested in studying more about it, there is an Advance stage.
Opinions of the Site: This website is stuffed with important information that has helped me understand our home planet. It explains the information in such a way that I understand. I feel there are NO downfalls of this website with NO aspects of Earth left out.

Title: Earth
Author: Bill Arnett
Date: 11-14-08
Audience: Young Adults
Paragraph: This website covers all of Earth’s characteristics in great detail. It allows us to understand the moon, magnetism and the temperatures. A student should know some general aspects of Earth before visiting this website. It shows pictures to help explain aspects. It also provides links to help define vocabulary.
Opinions of the Site: This website is a great source for reliable information. The information could be clearer with a little more organization so that a person that is new to the website can find details about the Earth a little easier. But it does not lack information. I would recommend this website for any student who would like a great reliable resource for a research paper.

Title: About Planet Earth
Date: 11-18-08
Audience: Students, Earth Science teachers
Paragraph: This website summarizes the Earth in a quick and simple reading. It explains the Earth’s moon, the Ozone layer and, unlike the other websites, explains how Earth was created. The readers do not need to know much about Earth before visiting this website. Fortunately, this web site not only explains aspects of Earth but it also defines some of the vocabulary that it uses.
Opinions of the Site: I am very happy that the website explained the creation of Earth. To me, this piece of information is important because it helps us predict what will come of Earth in the future. However, this website could have gone into more detail about other aspects of Earth.

Title: The Earth
Date: 11-20-08
Audience: Educated teachers or college students.
Paragraph: This website has nothing but basic facts about the Earth. In order to understand this website, readers should understand basic aspects of Earth. This site shows images of Earth from different viewpoints. This website does not use vocabulary that is difficult to understand. The site also includes links to other websites that explain aspects such as the moon, plate tectonics, Earth’s atmosphere, and the Earth’s weather and climate.

Opinions of the Site: This website goes into great details about all aspects of Earth. It is very helpful and informative. However, the website could use a homepage that could make it easier to navigate to detailed links about the Earth. This website provides many examples and pictures to make it easier to understand. I like this website because it defines all vocabulary used. I would recommend this website for anyone who would like to learn more about Earth or any other aspects of The Solar System.