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Father of Modern Astronomy

Mathematician, Astronomer, Religious Figure, Scientist, Scholar


Title: Nicolaus Copernicus Quotes
Date: 2001-2011
Audience: Everyone :)
Description: This page is filled with Copernicus's quotes. The site is really easy to navigate through. I choose this page because it always nice to read quotes that the actual person said rather then just information on what the person thought about.

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Title: Nicolaus Copernicus1473-1543
Date: November 2002
Audience: High School Students, and College Students
Description: This page is clear. It has several links to click on whether a more detailed biography to even more references. It also has a page with 16 pictures that one can enlarge by clicking on them. This page has good, straight forward information on Copernicus.

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Title: Copernicus, Nicholaus (1473-1543)
Date: 1996-2007
Audience: Students and Astronomers
Description: This website has a brief summary on Copernicus' life and accomplishments. It explains his models and how he realized that Ptolemy's calculations were incorrect. This website is clear and easy to read.

I found this website and i really enjoyed reading it. It has a very nice in depth biogrophy on Nicolaus Copernicus, Which I found out in this article that it is not actually his name he was born under a different name, Mikolaj Kopernik. It goes on in great detail of the life of Copernicus, his education, and his studies.

This is stanfords academic library. It has loads of information everything from his life to his studies and accomplishments. I find the information on this website to be very helpful and clear. It is very clear and from my knowledge is very accurate.

  • Nicolas Copernicus pub. De Revolutionibus Orbium Calestium in 1543
  • He was motivated by the fact that ptolemaic model was not pleasing, it broke its own rules about the earth being in the center of the universe
  • His writings explained two critical observations more simply than Ptolmey. Retrograde loops were caused by an illusion: as inner planets pass an outer the outer one appears to move backwards.
  • inferior planets are closer to the sun than the earth, som they can never go behind us.

Copernicus Born

Author: This website was a tv network, the History Channels (A&E Networks) from 1995-2008. The History Channel is trustworthy. The subject of history is subjective, so stories, people, and facts can be misrepresented but not intentionally. Overall, is a reliable source.
Overview: is a site where one can watch episodes of HISTORY series, and explore thousands of historical articles and videos. The purpose of this site is to inform the audience in a fun and interesting way. Loads of information can be found on this site from many historical events.
Date reviewed: May 15, 2018
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Accuracy: The information is up to date and and accurate. The facts do not contradict other reliable sources, they go along with the same timeline.
Readability/clarity: The audience is high school, college students, and adults. It is written appropriatly for the audience, there is some difficult vocabulary but not to difficult to interpret. It is very easy to read, it goes through information, and a timeline of his life.
Ease of navigation: It is extremely easy to find out more information, there is a search bar on the top of the page and you can enter in the subject you desire and find many more links. There are other websites that show up when one searches for more information, but also including the original site.

Nicolaus Copernicus
Nicolaus Copernicus

Nicolaus Copernicus Biography
Author:, a business.This source is reliable for the facts but can make the audience perceive the person differently than they are because they can pick what they put into the biography.
Overview: The sites purpose is to 'captures the most gripping, surprising and fascinating stories about famous people... With over 7,000 biographies and day features that highlight newsworthy, compelling and surprising points-of-view, we are a digital source for true stories about people that matter.' Information about 'important people' can be found on this website, people who are known.
Last updated: May 15, 2018
Date reviewed: May 15, 2018
Reviewed by: Jordan Scolari
Accuracy: The information is accurate to other reliable sources. Nothing in the article is contradictory.
Readability/clarity: The article is very clear, there are subtitles and then an explanation below them. The audience is everyone, and it geared towards a wide audience.
Ease of navigation: There is an easy way to find out more. There is a search bar where even more biographies appear, and they are within the same website.

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A Sun-Centered View of the Universe

Author: Cynthia Stokes Brown was an American educator-historian who earned her BA at Duke University in history and her M.A.T. and Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University.
Overview: The site is a non-profit educational organization created by editor Salman Khan. Her purpose was to 'create a set of online tools that help educate students.' The organization produces short lectures in the form of Youtube videos.
Date reviewed: May 15, 2018
Reviewed by: Jordan Scolari
Accuracy: The accuracy is reliable because it matches with all the other sources I have researched.
Readability/Clarity: I felt that this website was the most clear. The audience is students or any other curious adult, and the article is definitely geared towards that audience.
Ease of Navigation: The site is set up by school subjects. There is also a search engine bar that is easy to use and find more information on.

Nicolaus Copernicus
Author: Rabin, Sheila got her Ph.D in history from the City University of New York Graduate Center and is a professor of History at Saint Peter's University.
Overview: The site is an encyclopedia of philosophy by Stanford University. Their goal is to provide an plethora of information about philosophy facts within it.
Date reviewed: May 15, 2018
Reviewed by: Jordan Scolari
Accuracy: The information matches the other sources and even provides more details about his life and his accomplishments.
Readability/Clarity: This source is very detailed and sometimes hard to read with all the information it provides. The audience is most likely for upper level educated, college and beyond and fits this audience.
Ease of Navigation: The website is fairly easy to navigate. There is a search bar as well as "whats new," and also provides support if you need assistance on the website.

Copernicus Unearthed
Author: Andrew Curry, Smithsonian Magazine
Overview: The website is to provide useful information about history.
Last updated: May 2006
Date reviewed: May 15, 2018
Reviewed by: Jordan Scolari
Accuracy: The information goes into more detail about the stories of his life and how he came about his ideas in Astronomy and not as much his life story. This source is very reliable.
Readability/Clarity: The website was easy to understand. The audience is for everyone and anyone interested in learning about Copernicus. I think that it might be a little difficult for some younger viewers to understand but with the guidance of someone, it would be okay.
Ease of Navigation: provides so many articles about anything and everything you could think of in history. There is a search bar to find more information and also a menu that provides many more options from shopping, games, magazines, traveling, newsletters, videos, and all the different topics you could research.