Fall 2011 Editor- Andrew Earley

Albert Einstein's Life


Author: Unknown
Audience: All readers
This is a small timeline of Albert Einstein's life. It gives important events and dates. But the timeline mainly focuses on Albert's love life and not so much on his accomplishments. The reading is easy and the topics are short with blunt information. There is not much detail given.

Alberts Brains

Author: Hans-Josef Kupper
Audience: All readers

In this website it creatively shows Albert's heritage, his passport,his amazing IQ, his nationality as well as many other interesting topics on Einstein's life and accomplishments. I personally liked this website. It was easy to use and navigate and I was able to obtain all the information I needed and desired. The heading is also extremly cool too look at. I would recomend this website to others.

His Contributions

Author: Fred Soto
Last Updated: October 10th, 2007
Audience: All readers

This is a great website in my opinion. It explains Albert Einsteins contributions to math and science and gives examples of how his logic is still used today in higer math classes. His work is famous and well known. This website also shows his love and contribution to literature, music and religion. Many of his famous quotes are throughout the website.

Famous Quotations

Author: Kevin Harris
Last Updated: 1995
Audience: All readers

This page gives great infomation on all of Albert Einstein's favorite and famous quotes. The onnly problem with this page is the lack of color and detail. Its a very dull page. The quotes are also crammed together, making the reading difficult. The idea of all his quotes on one page is great, but this page inparticular is very poorly put together.

Albert For Kids

Author: Jason Haas
Audience: 3rd-6th Graders

This page is made specifically for 3rd to 6th grade reading levels. I do not like this page. It is boring and there is tons of information that in my opinion it could overwhelm any reader. There are few pictures in black and white, but no color at all. I think games, color, and music would be very usefull to this page. Although the reading is easy and is at 3rd to 6th grade reading levels, i wouldnt not recommend this site to anyone.

Spring 2011 Editor- Deborah Norman

Pictures of Albert Einstein

external image einst_4.jpg
Date Read: May 24, 2011

Arthor: Help by the California Institute of Technology

Audience: Everyone =)

This site contains pictures of Albert Einstein throughout his life time. It illustrates his family pictures, high school diploma, and pictures taken of him at Princeton. Due to the fact he graduated college at seventeen and a half shows he was a very intelligent person. So I pick this site because in general it is always good to put a picture to a face and also the many achievements he has made as an individual. Easy for anyone, just click on the picture and it will pop up in a larger view.

Albert Einstein}’s portrait
Albert Einstein}’s portrait

Albert Einstein Archives

external image Albert_Einstein-2.jpg
Date Read: May 24, 2011

Arthor: Dr. Roni Grosz (Curator of the Albert Einstein Archives, Jerusalem)

Audience: High School Students+

Now this site in one of the best that I’ve found, it’s a well researched and publicized resources from the Science Museum in Jerusalem. “Our website has been awarded with the "Best of the Web" distinction for the best educational websites for students in May 2010.” They update their page very often and have some very interesting background information about his famous theory of relativy. I believe it’s an very easy read and it also explains how it affected them at the Hebrew University.

All About Albert Einstein


Date Read: May 24, 2011
Arthor: Jesse Ralston
Audience: Everyone

external image albert11.jpg
I chose this all about Albert Einstein website due to the fact it was put together very well. The deatail the site gives us is very helpful in that it breaks down his life in a timeline. It gives the readers an insight of his accomplishments and detours in life. It is an easy read and can help a lot of people understand his achievements. The site also illustrates his scientific works, poems, letters, and quotes he said.

How Einstein Got So Smart

Einstein Got So Smart
Einstein Got So Smart

Date Read: May 23, 2011

Author: Unkown

Audience: Everyone =)

I found this website very helpful and overall easy to read for all ages. This is very interesting in that it displays some of the tactics in which Albert Einstein used to manifest himself into one of the most intelligent men to walk this earth. These helpful hacks can be applied to any of the everyday goals held by any individual desperate enough to enhance their career, dreams, or desires.
Fall 2010 editor - Amanda Rodriguez
Albert Einstein (1879-1955)


Date read: 11-28-09

Author:Noble Lectures
Audience:high School students+

The Albert Einstein Homepage is a great site which has information on every aspect of Einstein's life. It not only talks about his noble prize in Physics but where he was born, where he died and about all his achievements. The web site is very accurate with the information provided due to it being a biography published by the Elsevier Publishing Company, Amsterdam, 1967. The site is very well written. I found it easy to navigate through the pages. This website also gives out a link to some very interesting pictures of Albert Einstein. Unfortunately the site has not been updated recently. It was updated some time from 1991 to 2000.

Albert Einstein


Date read: 11-29-09
Author:Pais Abraham, and Fölsing Albrech
Audience:High School Students+

I found this website very helpful.It gives you a time line about Albert Einstein. The time line gives specific years and describes what Albert Einstein achieved during those years. The website is well written but i found some of the text fuzzy. The information given seems to be accurate.It is easy to navigate through the website.the site was last updated on January, 2009.

Spring 2011 Deborah Norman

Albert Einstein on God, Religion and Related Topics
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein

Date Read: May 23, 2011

Author: Zionism-Israel Information Center

Audience: Highschool+

This website contains Albert Einstein personal views and letters he wrote pertaining to God and the basic aspect of religion. I think this site will give the readers a better understanding of Einstein’s beliefs and why he believed this way. Even though its a little lenghty it is an easy read and will contradict any disbelief people might have had about him; when asked the question, “Does he believe in God?”

Albert Einstein Scientific Publications


Date Read:11-28-09
Author:Princeton University Press

This is a very accurate, and organized web site.It has information on Albert Einstein's life and his publications.This website is very accurate, easy to understand, easy to read, and easy to navigate through. The file was created 7-21-2008 and has not been updated since.

Albert Einstein's Contribution to Astrology


Date read:11-29-09
Author: Carl Woebcke
Audience: High School Students+

This is a great website which goes into detail about Albert Einstein's contribution to astrology and more specifically his theory of relativity. The site also talks about Newton's universal law of gravitational and you could find information on mostly everything that has to do with astrology.The site is accurate due to it being excerpted from the astrological book You and the Universe. I found the sit easy to read and understand.I also found it easy to navigate. The site does not state when it was last updated.

Albert Einstein


external image einstein.jpg

Date Read: May 17, 2010

Author : Mary Bellis

Audience: Everybody

This website gives detail on who Albert Einstein is. It starts off by telling us a little about him as a child
and where he was from. I like the fact that this page tells us what he was known for and the reasons why
he was considered the smartest person ever. It goes into detail of the famous equation E=MC2. Also, this
site tells us about the atomic bomb and how Einstein was communicating with President Franklin D.
Roosevelt. This site does not say when it was last updated .

10 Strange Facts About Einstein

external image einstein-tongue-out.jpg
Date Read : May 23, 2011

Author: Unknown

Audience: Everybody

I think this website is actually pretty interesting. Many people know Albert Einstein as the smartest man ever.
But this website is totally off topic from his fame. This site gives 10 pretty interesting facts that many people
dont know about him. For example, Did you know that Einstein was a fat baby with a big head? or that he had
a speech difficulty when he was a kid? or that he FAILED his university exams? All these interesting facts are
presented to the audience in this easy to read website.

Fun Trivia About Einstein

Date Read : May 23, 2011

Author: Star Glider

Audience: Highschool+

This website is basically a question and answer site. There are many questions about Einstein that people
can use to ask their friends or family and see if they can get the answers right. This website can either be
easy to read or confusing, depending on the person.

Is it true that Albert Einstein...


Date Read: May 17, 2010

Author: A&E

Audience: Highschool+

This website has very formal facts about Albert. These facts are something that you wouldnt really find
on a normal biography or website about him. Some of the questions in this website are pretty accurate.
Is it true that he invented the first atomic bomb? Is it true that his wife helped in to be famous? Was he a
soviet spy? All these questions are answered thoroughly and with enough detail to fill up more than a paragraph.

Facts about Albert Einstein


external image 350.jpg

Date Read: May 17, 2010

Author: Ashwini Ambekar

Audience: Everybody

This website gives detail on Albert Einsteins life. Its different from a lot of biography's out there
because this one is actually pretty easy to read. Instead of long boring paragraphs telling us about
his life, the author made bullet points so it would be hassle free to read. The bullet points start off with
when he was born and his early days, and ends with facts about his final days.